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    I never thought I'd see my hometown again. I'd fled years ago to the big city looking for adventure. But what I found, instead, was a boring investment banker who left me feeling restless. So when my first boyfriend called me, begging me to come home, I found myself driving like mad to meet him at the old pub. I was surprised to find the pub had been turned into a biker bar - but not as surprised as I was to find the patrons so welcoming. It seemed I was going to get the adventure I so desperately needed - at the hands of a group of rough and hardened riders!

    Warning: If you're not 18 or older, please don't download this audiobook. In addition, there is content such as gangbang, anal sex, group sex, sex with strangers, rough sex with bikers, exhibitionism, and more. If you find that offensive, don't listen to this story.

    ©2016 DigiSmith Press (P)2017 DigiSmith Erotic Audio

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