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    Hook's book is written scientifically like the doctor he is; reviewing and commenting on all the sources he could find starting with the Council in 553 A.D. in Constantinople (Istanbul) called by Emperor Justinian I to settle the debate of whether Jesus Christ was both human and divine or only divine. You will find this book thorough and well researched, encompassing many authors and figures who have contributed to the issue of reincarnation including Edgar Cayce, an American clairvoyant known as "the sleeping prophet".

    You will be impressed on the breadth and depth of Hook's research on reincarnation which covers many centuries up to the present. I was particularly impressed that he knew of a medical colleague of mine, Dr. Brian Weiss, who has explored and written about past life regression using hypnosis to recover to recover memories from his patients of their past lives or incarnations. I have Brian speak of how a past life therapy with a young patient changed his life as well as hers.

    Brian was graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from Columbia University and Yale medical School.

    I recommend and encourage you to listen to this extraordinary book about what my friend, fraternity brother, and medical colleague has to teach us about reincarnation.

    This description written by Douglas Welpton, MD, licensed to practice medicine in Florida, Graduate Phi Bet Kappa and magna cum laude from Stanford University and from Harvard Medical School, the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute and a Clinical Fellowship at the National Institiute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland. Edited by the author of the book.

    ©2018 William Franklin Hook (P)2019 William Franklin Hook

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