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French for Beginners

Lesson 24
Sprecher: Alexa Polidoro
Spieldauer: 40 Min.

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This episode of French for Beginners is presented by the talented Alexa Polidoro.

After many years of developing and harnessing her language-teaching skills with The French Ecole, Alexa has now created an audio treat for people who wish to learn a new language from scratch, without any pressure, in fun, relaxed, and manageable chunks.

Highlights of lesson 24 include revision of "adverbs of manner" and a look at other types of adverbs, including adverbs of time and of negation. A new topic is introduced: the imperfect tense (l'imparfait).

©2007 Learn French With Alexa Ltd. (P)2007 Learn French With Alexa Ltd.

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