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    A poetry anthology about life and love presented in printed, digital, and audiobook forms with original music.

    Freeze Frame brings together six international poets, each with their own vision of what would appear in the static frame if we captured the flow of our ceaseless contemporary narrative.

    Read and recorded by the poets themselves in their home locations, the listener may experience their full presence and intention. Freeze Frame captures the essence of the poet in this private audience poetry performance.

    Whether you are seeking an inspirational quote or a cutting edge intellectual concept, Freeze Frame is a unique collection of short poems allowing you to step aside and perhaps hit the pause button of your own rushing life.

    We are born without language into a world of tears, mystery, sounds, shapes, light, and dark. Slowly words begin to allow us individual expression. For the poet, this process never stops. The quest for words with which to capture the sound of wind in trees, an echo on a lonely city street, an unexpected jolt of joy, and on and on…is the quest and frustration of the poet. Whether it is the nuance of a relationship or the clatter of a factory machine, we seek to hold them so that they may be seen, maybe for just long enough to make a little more sense of them. By sense of course, I mean perhaps beauty, pathos, symmetry, and on through an infinity of inadequate dictionaries.

    I invited five other writers to contribute to this collection. The great thing about other poets is that they are not me. They are free of my own influences and prejudices. I also invited a musician to listen to the poems and compose a piece to blend the personalities and freeze the frame on each of the poets. The result is a stunning piano composition with six individual motifs, that stand alone but which also blend together in the title track for the audiobook.

    ©2013 Oscar Sparrow (P)2014 Oscar Sparrow

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