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    In this hilarious parody of Fifty Shades of Grey, our heroine is Annabelle Stilletto from Jersey City, New Jersey, a beauty school graduate who has no job and lives with her loser roommate. Her life changes suddenly when she meets her dream guy, the rich and handsome Vinnie Griso, the heir to the Vinnie's Auto Parts empire. She falls for Vinnie's seductive charms - not to mention his clear blue eyes, jet-black hair, tight black pants, and pointy shoes. But when Vinnie invites her for a romantic evening at his secluded mansion, she discovers the secrets that he has been hiding from the world. She is soon introduced to Vinnie's "rules" and invited into a "special" relationship with her dream guy. She is conflicted about how far to surrender, but before long gives in to her deepest desires and discovers the pleasures of domination as she becomes Fifty Shades of Black and Blue.

    ©2012 Hoyt Hilsman (P)2014 Hoyt Hilsman

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