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Female Science Fiction Writer

Collected Stories 2001-2012
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Amy Sterling Casil brings together 14 of her short stories in a collection that is alternately funny, bizarre, and moving - sometimes even in the same story. Jennifer Bradshaw, Michael McConnahie, Napoleon Ryan, Betsy Zajko, Samantha Prescott, Nora Hunter, Keith Szarabajka, and Fran Tunno are among the performers who illuminate Sterling Casil's strange worlds with conviction and commitment, finding twisted humor and terror in stories that center on mint-addicted aliens, gluttonous vampires who feed on gluttonous humans, or literature's greatest writers living in hell. Sterling Casil also provides an introduction for each story, giving listeners insight into their peculiar inspirations.


These stories are like a disease - only one you wouldn't mind catching.

Mint-addicted aliens. Talking horses. Little girls in wheelchairs who get the chance to pilot starships. Odd little jade carvers who save the last great Mayan city by magic. A sexy wolf girl who saves a teddy bear boy and her clown boyfriend's heart. A famous director who cloned herself and now is dying of cancer, only she's raised her clone like a normal child. Guys at the end of the world who discover they're not the world's greatest poet, they're about as bad as it gets.

Fourteen stories by award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer Amy Sterling Casil.

©2012 Amy Sterling Casil (P)2013 Audible, Inc.

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