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    A dark faerie tale anthology featuring eight short stories by well-received and upcoming authors, delivering new faerie tales and dark twists on inspired tales.

    "The Last Citadel Of The Innocent" - Matthew Wright

    While trying to rescue his parents from the clutches of city enforcers, the young soldier finds himself trapped in a war of ancient powers - and has to find the strength in himself to make a terrible choice.

    "Lorelei" - Ken Mann

    Hunting a banished sorceress, a kingdom must find a way to revoke a curse that thrusts neighboring realms on a collision course for war.

    "The Liar's Tale" - James Peters

    A travelling bard tells the tale of a selfish, petulant prince who is granted his birthday wish, trapping him in the midst of a battle between a tyrannous beast and his new friends.

    "Gil And The Mystic Quill" - Peter Koevari

    A talented young artist is given a quill with magical properties, and must face an evil tyrant who desperately wants to obtain his powers and use it to further enslave and dominate the lands.

    "Ravendark" - N. R. Marxsen

    King Edmund is finally gifted with a daughter and condemns his 12 sons to death. The brothers escape and discover their sister, Princess Raven, is their only hope in lifting a treacherous curse.

    "The Blacksmith and The Beast" - Anita Templer

    A young man in service to his king journeys to slay a dragon threatening a scorching destruction of his country.

    "The Witch’s Song" - Francis Burns

    A young woman must uncover the truth behind her nightmares in order to stop a witch's curse that threatens her village.

    "Fairy Tale Hunters" - Renee Marski

    A princess joins a team destined to rid the world of its hidden evils while bound by magic that gives them the ability to do so at a price.

    ©2017 Endless Worlds Productions (P)2017 Endless Worlds Productions

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