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    The three fae kings insist that I'm their fated mate, but they're terrible at sharing. I know I should turn my back on them before they ruin me.

    They're too feral, ruthless, and possessive. And too hot for their own good.

    A girl would have a better chance swimming with sharks than tangling with the predatory fae kings between the sheets.

    “I’ll ravish you for hours. Days. I won’t ever stop.” That’s the fae kings’ ritual of claiming. I rolled my eyes. “Sorry I asked.”

    This darkly sexy reverse harem fantasy romance boxed set includes:

    • Book one: Fever Fae
    • Book two: Frost Fae
    • Book three: Night Fae
    • Book four: Blood Fae

    If you love badass heroines, possessive males who take no prisoners when it comes to their women, and lots of steam and heart-pounding action, you’ll enjoy this sizzling hot collection! Perfect for fans of Ilona Andrews, Sarah J. Maas, Laura Thalassa, C. N. Crawford, K.F. Breene, Karen Marie Morning, and Amelia Hutchins.

    ©2021 Meg Xuemei X (P)2021 Meg Xuemei X

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