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    Stand-up comedy helped me find myself in business. It enabled me to break free of living outside of my heart and soul. It also helped me find my voice, be present, and stop doing things for reasons other than experiencing joy and fulfillment. The purpose of this audiobook, therefore, is to provide those same lessons to you so you can say what you want, feel what you want, and do what you want to be the person you want to be. And yes, without getting fired.   

    You know when people use sports analogies to describe a business situation - “par for the course”, “here’s the game plan”, or “dude, you just bit my ear off”? Clearly, you don’t need to be good at golf, football, or cannibalism to understand and use them. Likewise, you don’t need to be any kind of comedian, stand-up or otherwise, to get value from this audiobook.  

    These lessons are intended for business people who have never endeavored and might never try stand-up comedy.   

    busi-ness: A person's regular occupation, profession, or trade, which, if left unchecked without fun, can lead to your soul being sucked dry and consequently morphing you into the equivalent of a stale Ritz cracker but, you know, without all the “cheddah”.   

    com-e-dy: The study of professional entertainment or amusement, consisting of jokes and satirical sketches, intended to make an audience laugh, and historically occupied by food service workers and the unemployed.  

    Com-e-di-ol-o-gy: Applying successful comedic techniques, traditionally used to amuse, entertain, or make an audience laugh, to your regular occupation, profession, or trade to enhance your daily effectiveness, fulfillment, and joy.

    ©2019 Chris S. Tabish (P)2019 Chris S. Tabish

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