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An American Splatire
Sprecher: Jack de Golia
Spieldauer: 11 Std. und 20 Min.
Kategorien: English - Comedy, Satire

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Clump is a man with no known name, no known past and, most importantly, no head. The huge, heavily muscled giant lacks any awareness of the world around him but miraculously becomes the most popular entertainer in America.

Clump's medical and media handlers must manage his skyrocketing career as a music video star and create a wholesome, family-friendly public image...while concealing the inconvenient fact that the headless man is homicidally dangerous when touched.

A so-called "splatire" owing to the mix of razor-sharp comedy and graphic violence, Clump's satiric targets include the entertainment industry, medicine, journalism, corporate greed and ineptitude, politics, and a morally vacuous culture that increasingly and enthusiastically embraces the brainless.

Stylistically, Clump is like a head-on collision between Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., and Chuck Palahniuk. It is not for the faint-hearted, the thin-skinned, or the unadventurous, but is an all-you-can stomach buffet for those who like their comedy dark and their social commentary barbed.

©2011 Stephen White (P)2015 Stephen White

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