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Childhood Impact

Discover What Makes You the Way You Are and How to Make an Enormous Difference in the Life of Your Child
Sprecher: Mr Russell Webster
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 17 Min.

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This groundbreaking audio contains priceless information that will help you understand yourself better at the same time as gaining insights into how to bring your own children up to be happy and well balanced.

Critical issues discussed include:

  • About You: Discover why your childhood experiences affect you today. Discover which of the four `life-positions' you have adopted: how and why you feel the way that you do about yourself and about others. Discover what your own personal Mindmethod is. Discover why you were `terrible' at the age of two. Discover why you might experience mood swings. Discover how your healthand even your lifespan may have been affected by your childhood.
  • About Your Child: Discover the greatest gift that you can give your child.Discover how the first hour of your child's life is probably themost important hour of all: how your newborn thinks, feels inside, and sees the world, in those first precious moments and how you can provide emotional stability for him or her. Discover how your child's brain develops and how you can provide a head start for your child socially and in their career. Discover how critically important breast-feeding is and how it can even affect your child's immune system. Discover why `cot-death' does not occur in certain countries, and what you might learn from it. Discover the potential harm of using drugs to assist your child's birth. Discover why you should consider allowing your child to sleep in the same room with you. Discover all of this and much, much more.....
©1998 Russell Webster (P)2013 Russell Webster

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