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    Young Lily Marks loves to stand on her tiptoes. When her parents notice weakness in her legs, her doctor suggests dancing lessons to strengthen them. Lily falls in love with ballet - but can this fragile girl ever become a serious dancer? When the famous ballerina Anna Pavlova comes to town, Lily just has to meet her. Maybe Pavlova - small, delicate, and Jewish like Lily - hold the key to Lily's future.

    Please note: The original source audio for this production includes noise/volume issues. This is the best available audio from the publisher.

    ©2018 Krystyna Poray Goddu (P)2018 Lerner Digital ™


    "We get a well-rounded biography young reader will have trouble with the fullness of the story. Kar-ben’s mandate, to publish books of Jewish interest, is well-served with its light touch but inclusion of Lily’s religion. It earns a secure place as a heroic tale with a true female hero." (New York Journal of Books)

    "In clear and concise prose, the author tells the story of a talented Jewish girl born in London, England who loved to dance, overcame adversity, and eventually became a world-class ballerina.... An Unlikely Ballerina is an inspiring biography showing that passion and determination can conquer a great deal." (Association of Jewish Libraries)

    "Goddu's brief biography is filled with admiration for a ballet icon.... Lovers of ballet will be enthralled by this coming-of-age of a 20th-century superstar." (Kirkus Reviews)

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