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    Fact #257 - Allie Sai should have been named "Unlucky". 

    It made complete sense that the girl terrified of flying and aliens would be drafted for colonization of an alien planet. Right? Right?

    In her mind, she had one choice. Desertion. But again...unlucky. She should've known better. A failed escape attempt leaves her chained to an airship chair with nothing but her bag, a vial of her family's super moonshine, and her anxiety for company.

    Fact #372 - Sometimes, moonshine is not the answer.

    Numbing her fear seemed like a brilliant idea - until pirates attack her ship looking for goods of the female variety. Looks like she'll have to save herself, but...unlucky strike three.

    Fact #401 - Pirates aren't princes. They're extortionists.

    It was just one sip...maybe two.

    When fantasy and reality blur, can Allie save herself?

    Mixologists and Pirates Series

    1. Amber Vial
    2. Emerald Bane
    3. Scarlet Venom
    4. Cyan Toxin
    ©2019 Frost Kay (P)2019 Frost Kay

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