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    Can anything smooth the troubled terrain between me and my obnoxious, exhibitionist neighbor, Kyle?

    I’m Jaxx Sydney, owner and operator of my own bakery service. Proud, independent, responsible, strong, and determined.

    Kyle Oaks, my horribly juvenile-acting neighbor, is the opposite of me. He has a part-time job in a rowdy bar and brings different women home every week. 

    He’s an exhibitionist, which I find simultaneously arousing and annoying. Roxy, his oversized dog, and Kyle have been a constant pain in my side ever since they moved here, and now, he’s gone and destroyed my biggest delivery of the month.

    I don’t have the money to take him to court over it, so I will let him try to make amends by helping me out for the month.

    With his inheritance at stake, will Kyle be able to make amends? 

    Will I be able to let go of my preconceptions long enough to consider that he might not be such a bad person, after all? Or, will the bad blood between us keep us apart forever?

    ©2020 SSPatel Publishing (P)2020 SSPatel Publishing

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