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    21 Stories from the Zzone is a collection of short stories situated within the Sapien Overlords universe. Some of them reveal the background of what happened before the Greatest War, a cataclysmic event that shook humanity to its core and brought a significant change to the world. Others deal with the consequences of that event, and the rise of the newly-established world government called the United Zzone Federation and its AI counterpart, Zetwork. A few remaining stories examine this project's future as humanity reaches for the stars and into the unknown galaxy. 

    It would be difficult to imagine such a vast and unpredictable universe as is our own. As human beings, we tend to give anything unknown to us some human characteristics. Either we demonize or idealize those we come in contact with while projecting our thoughts and ideas onto them. Then, what if the world of tomorrow underwent a dramatic change that made it more accepting of different views and ideas, and, at the same time, more despotic and authoritarian. What if the world had more human species than one? Could artificial intelligences ever be considered human or possess human qualities? These are the questions no one has an answer to, and this series tries to tackle them in unusual ways.

    ©2021 Peter J. Black (P)2021 Predrag Ilic

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