Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green

Best selling author and father of two Jonathan Green has a passion for helping people escape the slavery of cubicle farms. He lives on a tropical paradise and hosts a weekly podcast from the beach. He has written dozens of bestsellers and travels the world sharing his secrets. **Visit his blog at **Follow him on Twitter @ServeNoJonathan **Join him at Born in Los Angeles, raised in Nashville, educated in London - Jonathan Green has spent years wandering the globe as his own boss - but it didn't come without a price. Like most people,. he struggled through years of working in a vast, unfeeling bureaucracy. And even though he was "totally crushed' when he got fired, it gave him the chance to reappraise his life, and rebuild it from scratch. Since 2010, he's been making a full-time living on the Internet - helping brick and mortar business owners promote themselves on the Internet, helping men and women find true love, ghost writing best sellers for some of the biggest publishers in the world and much, much more. Thanks to smart planning and personal discipline, he was more successful than he could have possibly expected. He traveled the world, helped friends and family, and moved to an island in the South Pacific. Now he's passing his knowledge onto the rest of the world as host of a weekly podcast that teaches financial independence, networking with the world's most influential people, writing epic stuff online, and traveling the world for cheap. His hobbies include kayaking, surfing, and building empires. He currently has a loving girlfriend, and two wonderful kids who love the ocean (almost!) as much as he does.
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