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    What if you could master the art of financial independence? What if when disaster strikes, your sword is already drawn, and you're ready to defend your freedom?

    The enemy is at your gates - whether it be debt, losing your job or family emergencies - you need to have a plan.

    You have all the weapons you need within you.

    But without a mentor those skills can fall by the wayside, unknown and untapped.

    Let me show you how to master the five elements of your business breakthrough.

    I'll take you by the hand and show you how to sharpen your natural abilities into a blade strong enough to protect you.

    Based on The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi, we're going to unlock your potential using the principles of the five elemental rings.

    Ring of Wind: Master your mindset for success. 

    Wind begins as a whisper, an invisible force. But it can soon turn into a raging storm, toppling your world, those little whispers saying you're not good enough. You'll become the master of your thoughts, withstand even the toughest distractions and give yourself the best position for success.

    Ring of Earth: Breakthrough your limiting barriers.

    Earth is strong and powerful, it makes mountains which seem too large to climb. But they are nothing more than dust. What's stopping you from achieving your true potential? Together we're going to shatter the walls that have held you back and come out the other side stronger than ever.

    Ring of Water: Release your untapped assets.

    Water is a terrifying force in all its forms and can both create and destroy. Whatever form your water takes, we'll use it to make you unstoppable. We will assess your true value, build you a real plan that will hone your natural assets to get you paid what you're actually worth.

    Ring of Fire: Make fast money.

    The scariest thing about fire isn't heat, it's the speed. We'll add fuel to your fire so that your passion keeps burning long after you finish this book. It's time for you to experience fast results and make real money. We are going to set fire to your current salary and find the shortest path between you and your new revenue.

    Ring of Void: Six proven business models.

    Void is the least understood element, and that's what makes it so formidable. It's adaptable and can change shape to fit any situation. We will unleash your dreams, forge your new path to greatness, and achieve the ultimate goal of Breakthrough - to make money while you sleep.

    This isn't a book you listen to for inspiration and walk away feeling good. This is a book about taking action. I want you to be the master of your own fate.

    ©2019 Dragon God Inc (P)2019 Dragon God Inc

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