Urdu Adab Ki Muntakhib Tehreerain

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Urdu Adab Ki Muntakhib Tehreerain, Vol. 1 [Selected Writings of Urdu Literature, Vol. 1] Inhaltsangabe

"Dilli kay Chatkhaaray": Shahid Ahmed Dehlvi's essay "Dilli kay Chatkhaaray" journeys through the food markets in old Delhi with an emphasis on the Nihaari served by Mian Ganjay Nihaari Walay. 

Umrao Jaan Ada (excerpt): Mirza Ruswa's seminal novel is a first-person narrative based on his conversations with the courtesan Umrao Jaan Ada. Excerpts presented here include Ruswa's first meeting with Ada followed by her own account of her life. 

"Hyderabad Ka Jo Zikr Kiya": The author Mujtaba Husain reminiscences about the Hyderabad he grew up in and illustrates how deeply the Hyderabadi culture remains embedded in the lives of those who have migrated to other lands. 

Please note: This audiobook is in Urdu.

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