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    "Ghalib kay Khutoot"
    While Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib is considered to be one of the most celebrated poets of Urdu, he is also known as a master of prose, demonstrated through the letters he wrote through his lifetime. His letters were candid, humorous, and a reflection of the times he lived in. He is also known to have initiated a casual and informal approach to letter writing as opposed to the more classical approach that was favoured in his time.  

    "Woh aur Mein"
    Intizar Hussain’s thoughtful and philosophical short story demonstrates his stature as one of the most distinguished writers of contemporary Urdu literature.  

    "Cheeni Ashtray ki Yaad Mein"
    The author Mujtaba Husain bemoans the loss of a favourite ashtray which not only offered its ritualistic functions but also served as an indicator of social, political, and economical insights. 

    Mir Baqir Ali (excerpt)
    In this excerpt, the author Ashraf Suboohi Dehlvi writes about his encounter with Mir Baqir Ali (1850-1928), who is considered the last famous dastaan goh (storyteller). 

    "Chacha Chakkan nay Dhoban ko Kapray Diay"
    The character Chacha Chakkan is based on Jerome K. Jerome’s character "Uncle Podger". With a temperament exuding self-importance and superiority, Chacha finds himself in all kinds of scrapes in his household. In this episode, a simple task of listing clothes for the laundry is more monumental than he imagines. 

    Please note: This audiobook is in Urdu.

    ©2019 Urdu Studio (P)2019 Urdu Studio

    Das sagen andere Hörer zu Urdu Adab Ki Muntakhib Tehreerain, Vol. 2 [Selected Writings of Urdu Literature, Vol. 2]


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