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    Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi expounds upon perceptions and prejudices about class through the strong willed and determined protagonist, a peasant woman who undertakes a bus journey in Lahore. 

    "Phir Wohi Eid"
    Shaukat Thanvi was a prolific writer and his works include collections of short stories, humorous essays, plays, and novels. His works represent his ironic outlook on life. In this humorous story, the author tries to devise schemes to avoid the expenses attached to the ritual of Eid. 

    "Kahin Yeh Purvai Tau Nahin"
    The author Altaf Fatima addresses the trauma of Partition by dwelling on memories of childhood, and her endearing friendship with the Brahmin boy Robby Dutt. 

    "Ishqiya Kahaani"
    Saadat Hasan Manto aims to fulfil the wish of his listeners by writing a love story. This first-person narrative carries a light tone in introducing the romantic aspirations of his friend Jamil, until the two friends realise the seriousness of a matter they overlooked. 

    Please note: This audiobook is in Urdu.

    ©2019 Urdu Studio (P)2019 Urdu Studio

    Das sagen andere Hörer zu Urdu Adab Ki Muntakhib Tehreerain, Vol. 5 [Selected Writings of Urdu Literature, Vol. 5]


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