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    As a family waits for the imminent death of the patriarch Naseeruddin, personal grudges and resentments emerge, while a distant relative, Jalal, has differing views. 

    "Eid Gah"
    Little Hamid joins his friends for a trip to the Eid Gah (place for prayers), and ponders over how best to spend his three paisas wisely while his friends buy toys and sweets. 

    "Subh kay Khush Naseeb"
    Is good fortune a momentary perception? In “Subh kay Khush Naseeb”, passengers aboard a train wonder whether their fortunes have been reversed. 

    "Saaz e Hasti"
    Bimla grapples with technology that enables her voice to be inexplicably captured on a black disc. Could this miraculous contraption be capable of more wonders? 

    Please note: This audiobook is in Urdu.

    ©2019 Urdu Studio (P)2019 Urdu Studio

    Das sagen andere Hörer zu Urdu Adab Ki Muntakhib Tehreerain, Vol. 8 [Selected Writings of Urdu Literature, Vol. 8]


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