The Jungle Books

21 Titel in dieser Serie
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The Jungle Book Inhaltsangabe

The Jungle Book is a series of fables written about wild animals and a boy named Mowgli. Most of the short stories in the collection are about Mowgli, who wanders off into the Indian jungle while being pursued by a vicious tiger, Shere Khan. Shere Khan is lame and cannot catch Mowgli on his first attempt.

As fate would have it, a mother and father grey wolf adopt Mowgli as one of their own before Shere Khan can strike again. Mowgli grows up in the jungle, learning the ways of the animals and believing that he is a wolf as well. He makes friends with a bear and a panther and learns to speak their languages, all the while, Shere Khan is plotting his revenge on what he believes to be stolen goods.

Public Domain (P)2016 A.R.N. Publications
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