Shadow Ops

14 Titel in dieser Serie
4.5 out of 5 stars 29 Bewertungen


A suspenseful, action-packed military fantasy series about a world seemingly gone mad - and the supernatural operators tasked with saving humanity from chaos.

The world as we know it has changed. In the land of Shadow Ops, people have begun to develop strange - and strong - supernatural powers, such as the ability to make it rain or raise the dead. Lieutenant Oscar Britton is one such man. Once a hunter of the supernatural, he now becomes the hunted as he is declared public enemy number one. Colonel Alan Bookbinder, a typical paper-pusher, is reassigned onto the front lines to fight an impossible battle. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Jan Thorsson is forced to face off against the growing threat of Scylla and her inhuman forces as they seek to destroy a world that cast them out.

Narrator Korey Jackson delivers a strong performance that guides the listener through the battles, book after book. He adds nuance to each character, giving them distinct personalities and emphasis. His expressive performance conveys the frantic emotions of the fast-paced, nail-biting action surrounding each member of Shadow Ops.

Author Myke Cole is able to draw on his own military experience to round out the protagonists of his stories. With three tours in Iraq, he now serves as a United States Coast Guard Reserve and works for the NYPD. Cole easily translates his background into an accurate and vivid world that has listeners sucked into the story. There are clear and chilling parallels between Cole’s military career and the military fantasy world of the Shadow Ops.

Shadow Ops has received glowing praise. New York Times best-selling author Jack Campbell called book 1, Control Point, a “[M]ile-a-minute story, one that draws you in until the end.” Book 2, Fortress Frontier, was declared, “[T]he best military fantasy I’ve ever read” by Ann Aguirre, national best-selling author. And to quote an Audible listener, book 3, Breach Zone, is “[S]cience fiction at its finest”.

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