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Emotional Intelligence Inhaltsangabe

Most people only ever rely on their conventional intelligence (IQ) to get them through life, or worse, believe it to be the best indicator for success.

For years this was thought to be the case, that IQ was the most accurate predictor of a person's potential, whether it's getting a leg up in your career or simply building better relationships in business/family life. However that is no longer the case. It's now commonly known that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has the biggest impact here. But most people aren't equipped with the internal and external emotional assessment tools to really get ahead.

Katherine Chambers is an ex-Stanford psychologist who specializes in all forms neuroscientific and psychotherapy subjects. However it wasn't until she left college life and entered the 'real world' that she started to understand these theoretical topics in a practical sense. Over the past 15 years she has built a multi-six figure consulting business and a family of her own. But there is one element she attributes a large part of this success to: developing high EQ.

In this insightful and functional book, Chambers gives listeners a firsthand look into the scientific subjects she studied within academia as well as a practical real life guide on how to:

  • Understand Daniel Goleman's framework for EQ
  • Know why you react the way you do - living out our limbic legacy
  • Take stock of your internal emotional state
  • Learn to differentiate between the "feeler" and the "thinker" within you
  • Develop behavioral strategies for high external EQ - for relationships and social settings
  • Specific techniques for building situational empathy and rapport
  • The power of being nonjudgmental towards yourself and others
  • And much more
  • ©2017 Katherine Chambers (P)2017 Katherine Chambers
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