Adam’s Alluring Tale Series

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This mystery novel is packed with youthful satire, romance, and the average American clique of mixed personalities. Everyone is headed down their own direction in life, none knowing where their path may lead, except for Adam Wilson.

Adam is finishing up his last year of university with his four closest friends which includes his long-term girlfriend Mackenzie Ferrell. He enjoys life in every moment knowing he has his family, friends, and future career in business all lined up.

Everything begins to unravel after the group of friends take a final spring break trip to Cancun. Adam is left questioning his family’s history, and the stability of his relationship with his friends and girlfriend.

The friends left the city with more baggage than they initially took, and now they must return to where the conflict began if they wanted things to go back to normal.

What did they take home with them? What do they need to bring back? And how much is the group willing to sacrifice?

©2020 M.C. Berman (P)2020 M.C. Berman
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