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    The third and final installment of Adam’s Alluring Tale continues to follow the group into another, heavier mystery.

    The listener will see what became of the group after college, but will find that none of the friends have found complete happiness in their own world. They realize that there is an ominous reason behind this uneasiness, and they will face a problem much bigger than them, this time around.

    The adult world has become very real for everyone, and they don’t know if they will be able to navigate its harsh reality.

    Along with the threat of the human race, personal problems take effect on the characters which, in turn, makes their overall grander problem more difficult to solve.

    With the return of an unexpected character, unforeseen circumstances, and unpredictable information, the group of friends will have to put aside their personal problems to come back together and defeat this threatening force.

    But will the friends make the correct decisions along the way? Are their instincts completely correct? What if they were wrong from the very beginning?

    ©2020 M.C. Berman (P)2020 M.C. Berman

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