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    The second installment of Adam’s Alluring Tale, will take the listener through the end of the initial investigation started by Jackson. The listeners will finally understand what happened to him, and why he left all of a sudden, with little for the friends to be able to act upon.

    Alison is tasked with finding out where her friends Adam and Mackenzie truly are, as well as find out what Jackson knows that the friends don’t. While being tasked with this, Alison and Patrick must try their best to stay under the radar of the big force that they’re opposing.

    At the same time, the listener will be taken back to the beginning and will be able to see how this all really started, from farther back than the yacht fiasco. The issue that the friends were dragged into, has been planned for longer than they thought, and uncovering the root of the plan, will lead to the friends finding more than they asked for. They will leave this forbidden paradise, this time with less than they came with.

    ©2020 M.C. Berman (P)2020 M.C. Berman

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