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    University student Adam Wilson and his four friends made a discovery that has been well-kept for hundreds of years. This discovery was exposed because one individual wanted a better life. This discovery led to the unraveling of the lives of the five friends, in which none can recover from.

    When the friends decide to fight the force that’s been fighting them, things only get worse. They are thrown into this new world, where they find that their problems are minuscule compared to other problems that the world has to offer.

    After graduation, the friends’ past comes back to haunt them. They must end this powerful force, once and for all, because in the end, the force threatens more than just the friends’ livelihood.

    Why did the discovery need to be kept secret for hundreds of years? What is the force that’s threatening more than just the friends? What are the secrets that begin to unfold? Will the friends and, more importantly, the world ever be able to recover?

    ©2020 M.C. Berman (P)2020 M.C. Berman

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