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    One key responsibility of product designers and UX practitioners is to conduct formal and informal research to clarify design decisions and business needs. But there’s often mystery around product research, with the feeling that you need to be a research Zen master to gather anything useful. Fact is, anyone can conduct product research. With this quick reference guide, you’ll learn a common language and set of tools to help you carry out research in an informed and productive manner.

    This book contains four sections, including a brief introduction to UX research, planning and preparation, facilitating research, and analysis and reporting. Each chapter includes a short exercise so you can quickly apply what you’ve learned.

    Learn what it takes to ask good research questions.

    Know when to use quantitative and qualitative research methods.

    Explore the logistics and details of coordinating a research session.

    Use softer skills to make research seem natural to participants.

    Learn tools and approaches to uncover meaning in your raw data.

    Communicate your findings with a framework and structure.

    ©2017 Brad Nunnally and David Farkas (P)2021 Upfront Books

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