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    Presented by the Online Stage.

    This play, which bears an alternate title of What You Will, was written in about 1602. The plot consists of three basic strands:

    • The separation and eventual meeting of the identical twins Sebastian and Viola, each of whom believes the other to have perished
    • The triangular love relationship involving Olivia; her unsuccessful suitor, Duke Orsino; and Viola, masquerading as the duke's male attendant under the name of Cesario
    • A cruel and humiliating deception played upon Olivia's pompous steward, Malvolio, by Sir Toby Belch, Olivia's drunken uncle, and Maria, her maid

    The inevitable confusion is eventually resolved by marriage contracts between Olivia and Sebastian, Orsino and Viola, and Sir Toby Belch and Maria while Malvolio storms off, swearing revenge on all the conspirators in his humiliation.

    Twelfth Night has always been one of Shakespeare's most popular comedies, and many adaptations have been made for film and musical theatre.


    Viola - Arielle Lipshaw
    Olivia - Elizabeth Klett
    Maria - Maureen Boutilier
    Sir Toby Belch - Marty Kryz
    Sir Andrew Aguecheek - Ron Altman
    Malvolio - Ben Lindsey-Clark
    Fool - Alan Weyman
    Fabian - K. G.Cross
    Sebastian - Brett Downey
    Antonio - John Burlinson
    Duke Orsino/Servant - Denis Daly
    Valentine/First Officer/Captain - Bob Neufeld
    Curio/Second Officer/Priest - Joseph Tabler
    Narrator - Michele Eaton
    Audio edited by Denis Daly

    The script for this recording was kindly provided by

    Public Domain (P)2017 The Online Stage

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