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    What is the Wyckoff Methodology?

    It is a technical analysis approach based on the study of supply and demand; that is, on the continuous interaction between buyers and sellers. The approach is simple: When well-informed traders want to buy or sell, they carry out processes that leave their traces on the chart through price and volume. The Wyckoff Methodology tries to identify that professional intervention to try to elucidate who is most likely to be in control of the market and enable us to pose judicious scenarios of where the price is most likely to go.

    Why should you study this methodology, and why this audiobook?

    Unique theoretical conceptual framework

    This approach is based on a real underlying logic through its three fundamental laws:

    • Law of Supply and Demand
    • Law of Cause and Effect
    • Law of Effort and Result

    Price and volume analytical tools

    We will understand that markets do not move in a straight line but in waves of varying degrees, which create trends and ranges.

    It provides context and road map

    Thanks to the accumulation and distribution schemes we will be able to identify the professional's participation as well as the general market sentiment up to the present moment, enabling us to pose truly objective scenarios. The events and phases are unique elements of the methodology and help us to guide the development of the structures.

    It determines high probability trading zones

    The methodology provides us with the exact zones on which we will act, as well as examples of triggers to enter the market, making it as easy as possible to know where to look for trades. In addition, the audiobook includes a section on position management where different configurations for setting stop losses and taking targets are discussed.

    ©2021 Ruben Villahermosa (P)2021 Ruben Villahermosa

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