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    The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

    Presented by The Online Stage

    The young and beautiful Isabel Archer finds herself suddenly wealthy beyond her imagination thanks to her devoted uncle. Sought after by many suitors and yet determined not to marry any of them, Isabel embarks on a journey of self-discovery throughout Europe, only to find herself drawn to the charming and clever Gilbert Osmond. Through betrayal and heartache, Isabel not only learns what she truly wants out of life but also just how strong she really is. 

    The Portrait of a Lady is often touted by critics as Henry James' finest novel.


    Narrator - Senn Annis

    Isabel Archer - Amanda Friday

    Uncle Daniel - Jeff Moon

    Lord Warburton - Max Gallo

    Ralph Touchett - Tyler Hyrchuk

    Aunt Lydia - Nancy Peterson

    Henrietta Stackpole - Anna Grace

    Edward Rosier - Andy Harrington

    Caspar Goodwood - Lance Rasmussen

    Madame Merle - Elizabeth Klett

    Gilbert Osmond - Josh Innerst

    Pansy Osmond - Sydnee Fullmer

    Countess Gemini - Trisha Rose

    Public Domain (P)2021 The Online Stage

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