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    Rescue is the 11th book of a series of near-future scifi thrillers whose young heroine Ell Donsaii has a nerve mutation that makes her a genius, providing her with some astonishing athletic abilities. In Rescue, President Stockton tells the FBI to tone down its efforts to imprison Ell. Unfortunately, the SCDF, a group of ultraconservative survivalists now has the President in their sights. Their attack on the president succeeds far beyond anyone’s imagination. Could it be that Stockton’s very life will now depend on the woman she has been imprisoning and harassing?

    Meanwhile, Stell Simsworth, the 10-year-old blind singing sensation, is hoping that Ryan will be able to use his technology to restore her eyesight. Carter is working on a project to colonize Mars (despite his daughter’s cogent observation that a colony would have high risks, but provide few benefits).

    ©2014 Laurence E. Dahners (P)2021 Laurence E. Dahners

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