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    Best-selling LGBT author Erin Wade pulls out all the stops on this thriller. A lesbian, action adventure romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat and cheering for Java Jarvis and her team at SKIRT. 

    When women are murdered during Mardi Gras for the third year in a row, New Orleans Police Lieutenant Beau Braxton calls in the women of SKIRT. The FBI’s Serial Killers Investigative Resolution Team consisted of five beautiful FBI agents and was directed by Special Agents Java Jarvis and her wife Kat Lace. Working undercover, the team had a 100 percent success rate and was only pressed into action when others failed, and local authorities requested their assistance. Java and Kat discover that murder is one of the nicer things perpetrated by a well organized group participating in human trafficking, porn, snuff films, and abduction by request. 

    When wealthy Avery Ricard a beautiful plantation owner sets her sights on Kat, Java pulls out all the stops to keep her wife and to keep NOLA citizens safe. Join Java, Kat, their dog Ares, and the entire SKIRT team as they love, laugh, and hunt down the bad guys.

    ©2021 Erin Wade (P)2021 Erin Wade

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