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    The best of this year's true crime writing from master true crime authors RJ Parker, Peter Vronsky, JJ Slate, Sylvia Perrini, and Michael Newton, who give us nine new shocking case accounts of serial killers.

    Cesar Francesco Barone: Convicted in four rape/murders but suspected in many more, Barone briefly shared a cell with Ted Bundy and claimed to have been "tutored" in murder by the notorious serial killer.

    William Mentzer: an enigmatic serial killer and a drug syndicate hitman, at one time an associate of Charlie Manson, identified by David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) as a satanic cult figure and recently named as a suspect in the notorious, still unsolved Zodiac Murders in San Francisco.

    Myra Hindley: the most reviled woman in the UK, the female partner of serial killer Ian Brady. Known as the Moors Murderers, the couple raped and murdered at least five children from 1963 to 1965.

    Arthur Shawcross: a necrophile cannibal serial killer who, after raping and murdering two children in his hometown, served 14 years before being paroled into the community of Rochester, where he proceeded to murder 12 women.

    Allan Legere: the Monster of the Miramichi, one of Canada's most brutal serial killers who, while serving a prison term for murder, escaped to terrorize the province of New Brunswick, murdering another four people in a seven-month rampage.

    Charles Sobhraj: nicknamed "The Serpent" and "The Bikini Killer", targeted naïve, young tourists on the Hippie Trail through Turkey, Greece, Thailand, India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

    Robert Ben Rhoades: the Truck Stop Killer, convicted in the torture, rape, and murder of three women but suspected in 50 murders along the US interstate system.

    Dana Sue Gray: a female serial killer who atypically targeted strangers, elderly females whom she strangled rather than using poison, the female serial killer's choice weapon.

    Robert Hansen: Alaska's notorious "Butcher Baker" who lured as many as 30 women to his remote hunting cabin, where he released and then hunted them like wild game before raping and killing them.

    ©2015 RJ Parker Publishing (P)2015 RJ Parker Publishing

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