Adrian Magson

Adrian Magson

I am a freelance writer and reviewer, the author of 22 crime and spy thrillers, a writer's help book, a YA ghost novel and 2 collections of short fiction. ~~~~~~~~ Marc Portman spy series (Severn House) Dark Asset Hard Cover Close Quarters The Watchman Gonzales & Vaslik mystery series (Midnight Ink) The Bid The Locker Inspector Lucas Rocco crime series (Allison & Busby and The Dome Press) Rocco and the Snow Angel (novella on Kindle The Dome Press) Rocco and the Nightingale (NEW - Oct 2017 – The Dome Press) Death at the Clos du Lac Death on the Pont Noir Death on the Rive Nord Death on the Marais Harry Tate spy series (Severn House) Execution Retribution Deception Tracers Red Station Riley Gavin/Frank Palmer crime series (Orig Crème de la Crime) (orig in p/b - now Kindle only) No Kiss for the Devil No Tears for the Lost No Sleep for the Dead No Help for the Dying No Peace for the Wicked General fiction (Kindle) Smart Moves Young Adult (Kindle) The Lost Patrol Crime Shorts collections (Kindle) Shades of Mayhem – volume 1 Shades of Mayhem – volume 2 Non-fiction (Accent Press) Write On! - The Writers' Help Book ~~~~~~~~~ For more information on my writing, see: Website: Blog: Thank you for reading. AM

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