Sadistic Souls

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The House of Madness: A Supernatural Thriller Series Inhaltsangabe

While visiting a haunted mansion, psychic-medium Eloise Blythe senses something sinister in the shadows, something besides mere ghosts that have held the Forge family in a vice-like grip of misery for generations.

As a flood rages outside, forcing everyone to remain inside the haunted mansion, Eloise both works with and against a set of bickering siblings, some of whom have their own secret agendas to claim the family fortune. While those inside the home begin turning up dead, Eloise attempts to put an end to the circle of destruction the family have suffered for over two centuries, which makes leaving the home impossible, both in life...and death.

And if she isn't careful, Eloise may end up enduring that same fate!

©2020 Steven Slavick (P)2020 Steven Slavick
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