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    Jocelyn doesn't believe in the supernatural, but she senses that something is in her home.

    When her mother and sister begin using a Ouija board to contact their dead father, Jocelyn worries that it may lead to horrible consequences. Like the footsteps outside her bedroom door late at night. Or the pounding on the walls. Maybe, even the reason why her sister is trying to ruin her life.

    Jocelyn finds a rational explanation for every strange incident until logic breaks down and sinister events ratchet up, convincing her that an evil entity has infested her home. With the help of a pair of paranormal investigators and a priest, Jocelyn hopes to defeat the malevolent entity before it destroys her family.

    But, what Jocelyn doesn't realize is that this demon has more nefarious plans than she could possibly imagine. And it's eager to set them in motion.        

    Author's note: All of my novels stand alone, but characters from one book often cross into the others, culminating in a climactic battle of good versus evil in the seventh book. Listeners will get extra satisfaction from reading phase one of my Haunted Universe - Sinister Spirits - in the sequential order.

    ©2018 Steven Slavick (P)2019 Steven Slavick

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