Flynt and Steele Mystery

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Dead Beat Inhaltsangabe

Creative differences can be a killer!

Detective Flynt is an unkempt, odd little man known by the guys at the Puta Gorda PD as The Leprechaun. He’s the strangest detective on the force that’s never made an arrest! Maybe his new partner, high flying detective Noah Steele, can change that?

Sent to turn the failing Puta Gorda police department around, Steele must constantly battle his impulse to cut and run every time Flynt manages to say and do exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time! Join the two most mismatched partners since gasoline and match, as they try to solve crime in a small southern California town.

When the drummer of a punk rock band is found impaled by his own drumsticks detectives Flynt and Steele get the call. That’s when the sparks begin to fly. With love, lust, jealousy, and band mates who resent each other, murder is just three chords and a drum stick away!

If you love the thrill of John Sandford and Michael Connelly, mixed with the humor of Killing Eve, this is the perfect series for you!

©2020 Micheal Maxwell (P)2020 Micheal Maxwell
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