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    A new killer has hit the streets.

    When a college athlete is found naked in a tree with duck feathers in his hair and a dead ducks head in his mouth you know it’s going to be a very long day for Puta Gorda PD’s notoriously mismatched detectives, Flynt and Steele. Was it a peculiar suicide, or is foul play involved?

    As they delve deeper into the mystery they discover a mind enhancing new drug has hit the streets and bodies are beginning to stack up. The only link they can find is a little yellow rubber ducky.

    When Flynt gets the notion that maybe he should try the new drug and open up the rest of his brain, things start to go south. Rapidly! From the college lab, to illegal raves, and the county morgue, the street drug Ducky is wreaking havoc on Puta Gorda.

    If you love the thrill of John Sandford and Michael Connelly, mixed with the humor of Killing Eve, this is the perfect series for you!

    ©2020 Micheal Maxwell (P)2020 Micheal Maxwell

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