Adrian's Undead Diary

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Adrian's Undead Diary Omnibus: Volume 1 Inhaltsangabe

Collected here are the first four books of the eight books, best-selling epic Adrian's Undead Diary.

The world crashed to pieces on June 23rd and Adrian Ring wasn't anywhere near ready for it. He had no guns, no food, no friends around, a cat that wanted to slip out the back of the condo and a girlfriend trapped in the heart of the city. This is the story of how he survived.

Book One: Dark Recollections: Beheading a zombie isn't easy in a world where you're more afraid of the living than the dead. Adrian Ring's simple life is thrown into chaos when the world is ripped apart by a plague of undead and legions of desperate survivors. Retreating to Auburn Lake Prep Academy, Adrian attempts to rescue friends and family on the way while dancing around his impending insanity over who and what he left behind, and evading maniac survivors. He saves his cat Otis, but shoots his mom. Pretty , all things considered. Of course, his sanity takes a hit as a result.

Real, flawed, and raw, Dark Recollections is Adrian's own story of how he survived after "That Day". Told through his eyes as he talks to his laptop, affectionately named "Mr. Journal", and through short stories that entwine with his tales that bring forth dark visions of a world being eaten alive by an unimaginable evil.

AUD is an eight part epic about a solitary, guilt stricken man that didn't think he deserved to live, but realizes very soon that he survived, and suffered for a reason.

This collection contains Dark Recollections, Alone No More, Midnight, and The Failed Coward, four full-length novels following the end of the world as witnessed by Adrian Ring.

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