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    A completely gripping fantasy romance

    "I was born to fly," I told my brothers. But it isn’t true. I was born to be a pawn in the great game of royal houses, married to someone - anyone - my family deems suitable. If I’m lucky, he’ll be my own age and bearable. If I’m very lucky, he’ll be someone who understands my need to fight, and to fly....

    Bel, born to nobility, would do anything to spend her days alongside her brothers - soaring through the heavens in her beloved flyer. She’s faster than any of them, but she knows her days in the skies are numbered.

    When a surprise attack on the palace lands Bel’s father on the throne, her life is forever changed. In order to secure her father’s empire, Bel must travel to a distant land to marry Conleith, the recently widowed young ruler.

    But Bel’s new home is less than welcoming. Compared to the refined ladies at court, Bel seems like a wild woman, and assassination attempts, treason, and mystery threaten her at every turn. With a growing attraction to Con, her life is further complicated by the attentive leader of her bodyguard - a warrior called Shae whom she has loved since childhood....

    A heart-stoppingly magical new novel that will keep you up late at night. Perfect for fans of The Selection, Bella Forrest, and Sarah J. Maas.

    ©2018 Jessica Thorne (P)2018 Bookouture

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