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    Myke Cole, star of CBS's Hunted and author of the Shadow Ops series returns with book two of the Sacred Throne Trilogy: The Queen of Crows.

    In this epic fantasy sequel, Heloise stands tall against overwhelming odds - crippling injuries, religious tyrants - and continues her journey from obscurity to greatness with the help of alchemically empowered armor and an unbreakable spirit.

    No longer just a shell-shocked girl, she is now a figure of revolution whose cause grows ever stronger. But the time for hiding underground is over. Heloise must face the tyrannical Order and win freedom for her people.

    Performed by Colleen Delany, Duyen Washington, Thomas Keegan, Michael Glenn, Paul Reisman, Peter Holdway, Kimberly Gilbert, Chris Davenport, Eric Messner, Tim Getman, Michael John Casey, Christopher Walker, Chris Genebach, Chris Stinson, James Konicek, Bradley Smith, Todd Scofield, Alejandro Ruiz, Nanette Savard, Elizabeth Jernigan, Bruce Alan Rauscher, Lawrence Redmond, Lise Bruneau, Nora Achrati, Nick DePinto, Carolyn Kashner, Laura C Harris, Yasmin Tuazon, Alexander Strain, Amanda Forstrom.

    ©2018 Myke Cole (P)2019 Graphic Audio, LLC

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