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    An essential tool for healers, therapists, activists, and survivors of trauma who are interested in a justice-centered approach to somatic transformation

    The Politics of Trauma offers somatics with a social analysis. This book is for therapists and social activists who understand that trauma healing is not just for individuals - and that social change is not just for movement builders. Just as health practitioners need to consider the societal factors underlying trauma, so too must activists understand the physical and mental impacts of trauma on their own lives and the lives of the communities with whom they organize. Trauma healing and social change are, at their best, interdependent. Somatics has proven to be particularly effective in addressing trauma, but in practice it typically focuses solely on the individual, failing to integrate the social conditions that create trauma in the first place. Staci K. Haines, somatic innovator and cofounder of generative somatics, invites listeners to look beyond individual experiences of body and mind to examine the social, political, and economic roots of trauma - including racism, environmental degradation, sexism, and poverty. Haines helps readers identify, understand, and address these sources of trauma to help us bridge individual healing with social transformation.

    ©2019 Staci Haines (P)2020 Random House Audio


    "Somatics is a freedom-inducing framework. The central idea is that the natural living body - with its sensations, memories and emotions, triggers and pleasures - is a complex system that carries our whole lives, including trauma and healing, boundaries and risks, patterns and transformation. Staci Haines is a central teacher weaving the somatics lineage with social justice and with being in the body in community, increasing the possibility that we can be in collective bodies of justice. This book maps the cycles of healing that shift us from being victims of systemic injustice to being shapers of constant change and liberatory systems." (Adrienne Maree Brown, author of Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism)

    "If I've discovered anything in several decades of social-justice work, it's that the body never lies. If we can embrace her, change can happen. Grounding in my body, not just in my words, has turned out to be a critical source of humility and courage, preconditions for any significant change. The ideas and tools in The Politics of Trauma allow us to listen to our bodies, and then make choices about what we do rather than constantly reacting to what we think are external pressures. A mustread for anyone trying to lead anything." (Rinku Sen, activist and author of Stir It Up)

    "The Politics of Trauma is an essential read for every 'woke' person responding to this moment in history's calling. Movement leaders know firsthand the level of trauma we have experienced in our personal lives, our families, communities, and across generations; and we often carry out our work at great personal expense. Haines brings a political clarity desperately needed and reminds us that we must courageously embark on our own healing journey, grounded in racial, economic, and gender justice. Only then will we be able to live whole, vibrant, resilient lives and bring about the transformational change we seek in society." (Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center) 

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