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    Kill or be killed, that was the assassin's way. It was an easy choice. That is, unless you found yourself fighting your former lover.

    Hozark was a master assassin, one of the finest the galaxy had ever seen. But when a routine contract goes horribly wrong, it becomes clear something sinister is at play. A powerful foe is hunting slayers, and only one weapon can end the bloodshed. A legendary vespus blade.

    But there's just one enormous problem. Those with the arcane skill to craft them all perished long ago. Or so it is believed. But romors tell of one who may yet live, and if Hozark hopes to prevail, he will have to pursue those whispers to the ends of the galaxy. For not only does his own survival depend on it, but that of his order as well.

    The opening Novella in the Space Assassins series.
    Look for this title boxed with book two in the Space Assassins one and two bundle.

    ©2020 Scott Baron (P)2020 Scott Baron

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