Space Assassins

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Space Assassins 1 & 2: A Space Assassin Bundle Inhaltsangabe

Only a fool would target the deadliest order of assassins in the galaxy.

The galaxy had no shortage of fools.

Someone had attacked the Order, and done so with both blades and magic. It was utterly unheard of, but even the most elite of killers sometimes faced the unexpected, and on this occasion, that could even mean their demise. That is, unless they could get to the bottom of the nefarious plot.

Joined by a former space pirate and the motley band of misfits crewing his ship, the master assassin set out to lead the rag-tag group to the ends of space, hunting their prey with deadly skill. But sometimes the hunter became the hunted, and tables could turn in an instant.

Kill or be killed, that was the assassin's way. It was an easy choice. That is, unless you found yourself fighting your former lover. That could be awkward. Awkward and deadly.


  1. The Interstellar Slayer
  2. The Vespus Blade
©2020 Scott Baron (P)2020 Scott Baron
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