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    It is 1915. 17-year-old Sasha Fox is the privileged only daughter of a respected doctor living in Brighton. But her brothers, Edgar and Tom, have gone to war and Sasha has a terrible gift. She can see the future.

    Her premonitions show her untold horrors on the battlefields of the Somme. Corpse worms crawling over the faces of soldiers soon to die, and worse still, what will happen to Edgar and Tom.

    Like the prophetess Cassandra, Sasha is trapped by power. No one will believe her. She feels stifled by her over-protective mother and restrictive father. Her family have lost faith in her. She is determined to win them back, whatever the price. And it is a high one - for who wants to see the end of their own story...? But Alexandra is a heroine resourceful enough to try to change the path of Fate.

    ©2005 Marcus Sedwick (P)2006 Orion Publishing Group Ltd


    "Anna Maxwell Martin ... here makes her audiobook debut. She is a refreshing choice, able - unlike some readers - to inhabit the young girl's character without sounding artificial. As Sasha her voice is furrowed and grave, yet she can also suggest the snip-snapping military certainty of Sasha's father. In a complex novel that shuffles scenes and tenses, she is a sure pathfinder. For sophisticated older children who can bear a little catharsis." (Telegraph)

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