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The Discrimination Myth

Autor: Frank Karsten
Sprecher: Christa May
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 44 Min.

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"Sharp, humorous, recognizable! Highly recommended." (Simon Rozendaal, science editor, Elsevier Weekly)

Egalitarianism is stronger than ever with quotas for female executives, gender-neutral toilets, and courses against prejudice. A teasing joke can suffice to be labelled a racist, sexist, or fascist. Educators and politicians also agree: Prejudices are wrong, diversity is our strength, and we are all equal. But is that really true?

Frank Karsten challenges listeners to consider a different view. He argues that the fierce fight against discrimination actually causes more exclusion and polarization. This bold and groundbreaking audiobook offers a welcome counter-argument to anyone who doubts today's egalitarian ideals.

©2019 Frank Karsten (P)2019 Listen and Think Audio


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