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    Installing agile tools and practices won’t be enough to respond to rapid market change unless you lay the groundwork with six key enabling factors, identified by the United Kingdom’s leading agile consulting firm, Agile Centre.

    An ever-growing pile of frameworks and tools falsely offers an “easy route” to organizational agility. However, responding to rapid market change requires you to alter so much more than just your way of working. Your work style is only one of six factors that the Agile Centre’s research identifies as the key to success. From years of experience certifying people in agile leadership, product ownership, and scrum mastery, Karim Harbott has created a model that will help your organization achieve all six factors required for success: leadership, culture, structure, engagement, and governance as well as ways of working together. Drawing from Harbott’s famous Business Agility Canvas, this audiobook will help leaders get realistic about the scope of the changes needed in their organization and show them how to get started.

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