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    Get a healing night's sleep and train your brain to repel negative energy, cleanse your spiritual energy, and feel more energized, lighter, and happier when you wake up. Spiritual cleansing is safe, powerful, and a great way to feel revitalized and positive.

    Welcome to sleep talk downs. This sleep talk down meditation with guided hypnosis has a special focus on cleansing energy and creating positivity and healing. It is great for adults, parents, children and students...anyone who is looking for help getting a great night’s sleep. Certified hypnotherapist Joel Thielke’s deep sleep guided meditations with positive guided hypnosis suggestions help you get a natural healing rest and sleep that deeply relaxes and restores your body and mind, while cleansing your energy.

    With this high quality talk down, you can experience a soothing healing and cleanse your energy while you beat insomnia and get an amazing night's sleep. This program also features gentle music that will help guide you into the deepest levels of relaxation and rejuvenating sleep. Fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day.

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